Awards & Pictures

The 2015 Camp Mountain Award Winners!

Best Overall New Camper:                             Nicole Gilkerson

Random Acts of Kindness:                             Madeline Griffith

Most Pleasant Camper:                                 Justin Ellinger

 Biggest Fish:                                                   Hayden Atkinson

Most Impressive New Fisherman:               Walker Gonzalez

Most Creative in Crafts:                                 Michaela Lilly

Best Shot in Archery:                                     Kirsten Hercules

Flying High in Rockets:                                 Shawn Patrick

Most Athetic:                                                 Caleb Means

Dodgeball King:                                             Dylan Golden

Dodgeball Queen:                                         Erin Turner

Kickball Queen:                                             Krislyn Abbott

Kickball King:                                                 Bryson Coblentz

Best Actress:                                                 Francis Shepherd

Best Actor:                                                     Justin Chatman

Indiana Jones Award for Most Adventurous:   Krislyn Abbott, Julia Bliss, Jeremiah Ghuste, Brandon Gonchoff, Madison Lantz, Kylie Law, Tayler Rudy, Miranda Scarbro, Cadence Shriver, Brie'Anna Taylor

Most Likely to be Seen Picking Up Water Bottles: Chris & Marsha Brown