Camp Activities

Camp Mountain Heart offers a variety of Activities for our campers!

In addition to participating in group activities for the entire camp, each camper has the choice of 3 activities (classes) directed toward their personal interests. Classes are one hour long and are held daily throughout the week of camp. Your camper's talents are then presented to all campers on the Friday of camp including a drama presentation, rocket launch and shooting archery for MONEY!!

Download the a Class Choice and T-shirt Size Form HERE.

2017 Camp Activities/Classes

Learning to Sew:  This class allows your camper personalized lessons from one of our instructors on the art of sewing. Each camper will make and decorate their very own pillow. 

Exploring with Dr. Phillips:  In this class, your camper not only explores nature but also their hopes and goals for life. Their experiences of living with congenital heart disease are highlighted to demonstrate their strength and purpose in life.

Drama: Let your inner star out! Practice your talents for the end-of-the-week performance. The show is always amazing and highlights your camper's talents and builds their confidence.

Fishing: Do you have what it takes to hook the big one?! Then this is your class. PS You don't even have to touch the worms! Lynn will do it!

Arts and Crafts: Artists and beginners welcome! Each day your camper will make a craft with his or her own personal touch. Parents get ready...homemade presents from your child!

Archery: A camp favorite whether you are a seasoned archer or an aspiring Robin Hood! Learn how to perform archery safely and with skill under the guidance of Dr. Rhodes. At the end of the week, all campers shoot for money! Hit the cash and you keep it!

Mysteries of Science: Your little scientist will participate in a daily experiment investigating the mysteries of science. Investigating the science of forensic techniques, your camper will learn while having fun at this activity!    

Sports: Spend an hour in the sun playing kickball, frisbee golf, wiffleball and many more activities guarenteed to bring the athlete out in your camper!

Rockets: This class is for all future astraunauts! Campers build a rocket with their own personal touches before launching them sky high on Friday as we all watch in wonderment at the creativity of our kids!

Cooking: The entire camp benefits from this class as your child learns how to cook and bake safely making fun recipes and treats for all to enjoy! Do you have a Top Chef in your house? Let's find out!

Group Activities for all Campers!

Pool Time/Swimming                         Campfire activities

Archery                                               Frisbee Golf

Arts and Crafts                                   Dodgeball (a camp favorite!)

Sports                                                 Talent Shows

Water slides                                        Bounce house

Every year we take our campers on a Field Trip for the day!